What Is Laser Dentistry?

What Is Laser Dentistry?

Posted by McConnell Dental Care on Jun 15 2021, 03:54 AM

In laser dentistry, the dentist uses lasers to treat various dental conditions. It could make treatments that involve hard and soft tissue procedures go faster and more comfortable. The laser light used in the treatment is a narrow and focused beam that removes or shapes tissues. 

The Procedure of Laser Dentistry

There are two primary procedures in laser dentistry: hard tissue procedure and soft tissue procedure. Hard tissues are the teeth while soft tissues are the gums. Thus, the usual hard tissue treatments include:

  • Detecting cavities
  • Dental fillings
  • Treating sensitive teeth

The usual soft tissue treatments include:

  • Treating the gums and decreasing the gummy smile.
  • Reshaping of gum tissue and restoration of teeth through the crown lengthening.
  • Curing tongue-tie by treating tongue frenulum attachment.
  • Eliminates soft tissue folds without pain or sutures.

Other types of laser treatments include:

  • Viewing the tissue of both the tooth and gums.
  • Removing tumors from the gums, side of the lips and cheeks, and palate.
  • Treating sleep apnea caused by an overgrowth of tissues of the throat.
  • Reducing pain and inflammation in the jaw joints.
  • Treating cold sores with minimal discomfort and healing time.
  • Speeding up the bleaching process in teeth whitening procedures.

The laser dentistry procedure is relatively similar to other dental treatments. The dentist gives you anesthesia before proceeding with the treatment and then treats the issues carefully.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry 

Laser dentistry renders several benefits:

  • It is less painful and intrusive.
  • It does minimal if any, harm to the teeth, gums, and other tissues.
  • Stitches are not essential in this treatment.
  • It heals faster as compared to other treatments.
  • It causes slight swelling, discomfort, or pain post-treatment.
  • It reduces bacterial infections.
  • It helps in reducing dental anxiety.

Laser Dentistry Aftercare

It is recommended to go on a liquid or soft diet during the first week after the treatment. You can proceed with your standard diet during the second week after the treatment. However, you should be careful enough and avoid chewing food in the area where laser treatment has been performed. Moreover, continue brushing your teeth gently using a soft bristle brush.

Whether you are undergoing soft laser gum surgery or hard laser treatment, you will expect easier and convenient solutions for your oral or dental problems. It is the best alternative for both severe or simple dental issues.

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