All About Dental Emergencies

All About Dental Emergencies

Posted by McConnell Dental Care on Jul 16 2021, 03:58 AM

Have you ever encountered dental problems during holidays, vacations, or the middle of the night? Then, you should consider it as a dental emergency and immediately visit the emergency room. Dental emergencies can occur anytime. So, you need to understand the difference between usual dental problems and an emergency that needs to be attended to as soon as possible.

When Is a Problem a Dental Emergency?

Not every situation is considered a dental emergency. To determine if it is a dental emergency, you need to look for circumstances that include:

  • Severe bleeding or dental pain.
  • Losing a tooth without feeling any pain.
  • An abscess or infection in the mouth.
  • Swelling or knots on the gums or around the face.
  • Bleeding from the mouth.

If you are facing any of these symptoms, you need to call your dentist or visit the dental clinic as soon as possible. However, dental problems like toothache and losing crowns or fillings are not considered dental emergencies.

Common Tips for Dental Emergencies

Here are things you should do if you have a dental emergency:

  • You should keep your teeth moist if it has been knocked out. If possible, try to place the tooth back into the socket, but ensure not to touch the roots. If not possible, keep it in a clean small container and take it to the dentist for reinserting.
  • If your teeth are cracked, rinse your mouth immediately with warm water and apply a cold compress to the cheeks to avoid any swelling.
  • If you had bitten your tongue or lip, clean it with water and use a cold compress.
  • When an object is stuck between your teeth, try to remove it with the help of floss. Do not use sharp or pointed instruments to remove it.

Precautions that Should be Taken to Avoid Dental Emergencies

To avoid any dental injury, you need to:

  • Wear a mouthguard while participating in sports or other similar entertainment activities.
  • Avoid chewing foods like hard candy, popcorn kernels, or ice that can crack your teeth.

Dental emergencies can happen even after taking proper precautions. Now you know what a dental emergency really is, you understand how vital it is to have timely treatment to avoid this in the future. Fortunately, dentists sometimes reserve time in their daily schedules for emergency patients. If you are feeling any of the problems, call your dentist now!


McConnell Dental Care offers dental emergency treatments with help of our emergency dentist at Stansbury Park, UT. For dental emergencies call us at (435) 249-0482, book online, or visit us at 263 Country Club Dr #102, Stansbury Park, UT 84074.

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