Dental Discount Plan FAQs

discount dental plan

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a discount dental plan? It is a membership plan with our office. For a flat fee of $299/yr per adult and $149/yr per child includes 2 cleanings, exams, necessary x-rays, and fluoride treatments per year. It also includes one emergency exam or telehealth visit and 15% off all other dental procedures including whitening and cosmetics.
  • Is it insurance? No. It is similar to a Costco membership that gets you discounts on dental procedures.
  • Can it be used with dental Insurance? NO
  • Can I pay monthly? Adults fees are collected up front. Monthly payments can be made on children with an adult who pays up front to make our plan more affordable for families.
  • When can I start using the benefits of my membership? You can start using your membership benefits the day you pay your enrollment fee and sign -up. You are immediately eligible for cleanings, x-rays,exams and 15% off any dental work provided by our office.
  • Is financing available for any work I need done with membership? No. In order to receive the discount, procedures must be paid for on the day they are done. We are happy to give treatment prices before doing any procedures so you can plan accordingly.
  • Are there any waiting periods? NO
  • How much money can I save over Insurance? That really depends on the amount of work you need done. Only 4 % of Americas hit their dental maximums which usually run $1500 to $2000 per year. With our plan there is no maximum and no red tape like pre-auths or waiting periods so we can offer the care you need, not just what insurance covers.
  • What if I join and don’t like your office?We are confident that won’t happen, but you have 2 cleanings and exams to give us shot. Once your yearly contract is up you have the option not to renew. Check us out on Google and read some of our great reviews.
  • What if I sign up and I move? We will refund you the prorated difference of your unused benefits.
  • What if I need to see a specialist? Currently specialists are not covered by the in office discount plan. A specialist would be out of pocket, but many do offer significant cash discounts.

discount dental plan

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